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Cost of Living in Ann Arbor


Rent for Apartments or Condos

These figures are estimates only. To determine the actual rate, please contact the main office of the prospective housing complex.

Example Monthly Rental Rates

Studio/One Bedroom Apartments: $450-$750 USD
May have a dishwasher, and most likely have laundry on-site
One Bedroom/Two Bedroom Apartments: $750-$1000 USD
Will most likely have a dishwasher and and possibly laundry in the unit, but most likely will have laundry on-site.
Two Bedroom/3 Bedroom Apartment or Condo: $850-$1300 USD
Will probably have adishwasher and either laundry in the unit or on-site.

Apartment/Condo Search Sources

See the following Web sites:

Renter's Insurance

These figures are intended only to provide you with a general idea of cost. The true cost of your renter's insurance is based on your address, the size of your unit and the building it resides in, contents in your apartment, and other various factors.

In general, each individual living in the home or apartment must pay a premium excluding married individuals and their dependents.

There are also deductibles for claims; deductibles are respective to your individual policy.

Renter's insurance is not mandatory.

Example Renters Insurance Rates (Yearly Rates)

Nationwide Insurance

Basic Coverage

One Person: Approximately $200 USD/year for $20,000 USD of coverage

Premium Coverage

One Person: Approximately $350-$400 USD/year for $45,000 USD of coverage

State Farm Insurance

Generalized Coverage Rates:

One Person/family: Approximately $130 USD/year for $25,000 USD of coverage

Lynn Raade State Farm Agency in Ann Arbor caters to international students, especially those living on North Campus. This agency has a large Korean population and offers materials to clients written in Korean. They also have printed materials in Chinese and Spanish.
Ann Arbor Insurance Centre

Generalized Coverage Rates:

One Person: Approximately $130 USD/year for $15,000 USD of coverage

Two People: Approximately $150 USD/year for $20,000 USD of coverage

Three People or More: Approximately $170 USD/year for $35,000-$40,000 USD of coverage

Area Insurance Agencies

Use this Google Search link to view area insurance agencies.

Utility Bill Rates (Gas and Electric)

Total Monthly Average for 2009-2010: $50 - $160 USD (gas and electric combined)

These figures may not be representative of your actual energy bill(s). For more exact billing information call your energy company with your home address.

Source: (used Detroit data)

In general, your energy bills will be higher in the winter and lower in the summer. This rule may not apply if you frequently use air conditioning in the summer time. Your energy bill is affected by levels of usage, number of residents, and the size of your apartment.

Most apartment complexes require the resident to pay electric and gas, but will cover water and trash removal. Ask the representative about what utilities you are responsible for before you sign the lease for your apartment.


You may need to furnish your apartment when you come to live in the U.S. (i.e kitchenware, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom essentials, etc.) Following are some Web sites to help you determine what the potential cost of these brand new items might be (from cheapest to most expensive).

These stores can ship or deliver your items to your place of residence for a fee.

Wal-Mart Target Sears IKEA Bed, Bath, and Beyond Pier One

There are other places you may be able to find the above furnishings (used, but considerably cheaper).

In general, there is no option for delivery or shipping. Additionally, purchasing from Craigslist or Facebook is to purchase from individuals not a corporation. It is important never to send money without first having inspected the item you are purchasing; preferably you will exchange the money for the item at the same time.

It is recommended that you consult an American friend or an ISSA if you feel that the person from which you are making the purchase might be questionable.

The Salvation Army Craigslist Facebook

Internet and Cable Provider Services

Comcast is the only internet and cable tv provider in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. In order to more accurately determine services offered and their cost you must contact Comcast directly with your address information.

You may also inquire about internet and cable packages by contacting Comcast directly.

Note that Comcast promotes many of its services to first time customers at reduced rates for short periods of time (i.e., internet service at $29.99 for the first 6 months). Inquire about the regular monthly cost of cable and/or internet services before you sign any contract.

Internet: $24.95-62.95 USD/month
Cable: $74.94-124.48 USD/month (plus $8.95 for high definition TV)
Value Plus Triple Play-$114.99 USD/month (Basic cable w/On Demand features, Internet, and Phone)
HD Starter Triple Play-$129.99 USD/month (Includes HD Cable w/On Demand, Internet, and Phone)
HD Plus Triple Play-$159.99 USD/month (Includes HD Cable w/special movie channels, Internet, and Phone)
HD Premier Triple Play-$199.99 USD/month (Includes HD cable w/special movie channels, Sports Channels, Free HD DVR, Internet, and Phone)

Prices for November 2009

Health Care

Insurance Premiums for 9/1/2015 - 8/31/2016

  Monthly Annually
Student/Scholar $123.75 $1,485
Student/Scholar and One Dependent $243.50 $2,922
Student/Scholar and Two or More Dependents $363.25 $4,359

For further details see the International Center Health Insurance page.


Estimated Costs

  Cost (as of December 2009)
Music Local music: Free – $25 each, National/International Performers: $30-$150 each
Movies Dollar Movies: $0.50-$1.75 each, Other Theatres: $6-12 each
Night Clubs Cover (entrance Fee): $0-20 each, Beer: $4-8/bottle or glass, Wine: $6-12/glass
Plays Community Theatre: $5-$20, U-M Theatre $10-40

Entertainment Guides

The Metro Times Arborweb U-M Events Calendar Uniquely Michigan
Ann Arbor: Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Metromix: Detroit Craigslist Ann Arbor U.S.A.

Movie Theatres

State Theatre Michigan Theatre Showcase Cinema Quality 16

Theatres (Plays)

Mendelssohn Theatre Hill Auditorium Power Center Ann Arbor Civic Theatre

Outdoor Recreation

Information on outdoor recreation opportunities and venues for the state of Michigan. (i.e., hiking, camping, boating, hunting, fishing, canoeing, etc.)

Campsite Permit Fees: $12 USD (Rustic) to $90 USD (Cabin)
Average of non-cabin sites: $19 USD/night
Canoe Rental Rates: $8-$20 USD/hour

State Michigan Park Listings Huron-Clinton Metropark Listings

Michigan Travel and Tourism

Pure Michigan West Michigan Tourist Association Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council
Great Lakes Information Network State of Michigan Agricultural Tourism Visit Detroit
Paradise Michigan State of Michigan Travel and Tourism Lonely Planet

Personal Needs

Toiletries, Clothing, Food

The monthly costs will vary widely and is based on each person’s individual needs.

You can use Google-Shopping to determine the potential cost of most items:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Shopping” near the top left corner.
  • Type in the name of a product and click search.
  • This should provide you a range of items related to (and not completely related to your search).
  • For example, in the case of chicken breast, you might go to Meijer, Whole Foods, Busch’s or Kroger.
  • Note that there is a way to sort through your findings.

Grocery Stores and other Vendors

Meijer Kroger Busch’s
Whole Foods Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market

Child Care

Average Cost of Child Care

The average cost of child care centers in Washtenaw County (per week) is:

** Disclaimer: Please note that this is an estimate only. True cost can only be determined by directly contacting the child care facility you are considering.

Infant: $182.67 USD/week
Toddler: $178.43 USD/week
Preschool: $167.51 USD/week
School Age: $126.82 USD/week
Source: 2009 Michigan Cost of Care Report, Michigan 4C

See the International Center Child Care page.

Child Care Resources

U-M Students With Children Eastern Michigan University: The Children’s Institute
International Neighbors U-M Child Care Page
Finding day care:
Child Care Network
U-M Health System Child Care



Cost of Gas : These are “per gallon” averages. The true cost can be found at your local gas station. See

Cost of a Car: (** estimates, individual prices may vary). See Kelly Blue Book

Cost of Car Insurance: (** estimates, individual prices may vary)

Average range: $100-$1,000 USD/month

You will need your address, make and model of your car, and other personal information in order to get a quote on the cost of your insurance on-line. Any quote you get on-line will be an estimate only; you must call customer service and provide all the necessary information to get an exact quote for the cost of your insurance.

If you are unable to provide the information needed to get a quote via the insurance company’s Web site please call their customer service line.

Geico Allstate Nationwide
State Farm Esurnace AAA Insurance

Basic Car Maintenance

Maintaining Your Car: This Power Point is part of a workshop put on by the International Center. For further information about this Power Point, or to attend this workshop, please refer to “events” on the International Center Web site or contact the IC main desk.

Public Transit

This link also includes other forms of transportation:

Discount Airfare

This list includes global and U.S.

STA Travel Student Universe
Southwest Airlines Northwest Airlines Watchdog
Expeida Travelocity AESU Travel

Sales Tax and Bottle Return

Sales Tax: 6% on all purchases, excluding food purchased in the grocery store and other select items.

Other Tax Information

See International Center Tax Laws and Filing Requirements

10 cents given for bottle and can return. See Container Deposit Legislation for more information.

Last reviewed: 10/15