3/26/2020 Update: SAB Closed - Advising, Request Processing Still Available

Dear International Students and Scholars,

Please read this email carefully for updated information regarding International Center services while the Student Activities Building is closed.

The Student Activities Building (SAB) is closed to the public until further notice, based on the governor's "stay at home" order. This closure has led us to develop temporary and longer-term measures. We appreciate your patience as we have undergone making so many changes since classes went online.

International Center staff are still available to help you! IC Staff will work remotely and will continue to provide advising and process requests. Please stay safe and follow these recommendations to protect yourself and others. Remember that even though you can't visit our office, you can reach us by email at icenter@umich.edu. Our email traffic has increased significantly and as a result of receiving a high volume of emails we urge you to refrain from sending multiple emails with the same question, as this only slows down our response times.

We've made the following arrangements so that you will continue to be able to make requests, receive your documents, and receive information and assistance from our advisors. We are also working with colleagues around the university to ensure that international student and scholar needs are considered as we address any number of COVID-19 related concerns.


TO SUBMIT REQUESTS/DOCUMENTS: For any requests previously requiring an in-person meeting with an advisor OR requiring physical document drop off (examples: Extension/ OPT/CPT requests), you may attach all of the required documents to an email and send to icenter@umich.edu.

If you cannot email your requests/documents, please let us know and we can provide you alternate options.

TRAVEL SIGNATURES: If you need a travel signature, you can submit an I-20 replacement request using "travel" as the replacement reason. We will reprint your form, and you can arrange to have it shipped to you by using eShip Global. J-1 students and scholars can submit a DS-2019 replacement request.

TO RECEIVE DOCUMENTS: Once requests have been fully processed, documents will be sent to you based on your preferred shipping method in eShip Global (available for mailings within and outside the US). We do not recommend using DHL as an option at this time due to logistical issues involving the pick-up of documents from the IC.

HEALTH INSURANCE: All health insurance questions and requests including waiver requests should be submitted via email to ihi@umich.edu. An advisor will respond and can arrange a phone appointment if necessary. U-M Health Insurance Office Hours has links to forms for some common health insurance requests, including summer waivers.

IMMIGRATION RELATED QUESTIONS, ADVISING, AND APPOINTMENTS: Email icenter@umich.edu. An advisor will respond and can arrange a phone appointment if necessary.

UPDATES: Please check the International Center's COVID-19 update page for important information and updates.

Stay safe - stay healthy! Remember that the International Center is here to help you. You can reach us at icenter@umich.edu

The International Center