Finding Your Own International Internship

In some cases, students may want to find an international internship outside of a placement program. The list below contains resources that may be helpful in searching for an independent internship abroad.

International Institute and U-M Area Studies Centers

These centers are excellent resources for those with region-specific interests such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc. Most of the Centers post internship and job listings through their e-mail groups or bulletin boards. In addition, these centers bring together faculty and staff across campus with expertise in certain regions of the world.

U-M Career Center

Also see career offices of specific U-M schools (Engineering, Public Policy, etc.). Career-planning offices have excellent workshops on how to go about applying for internships and tips on resumes, making contacts, interviewing, etc.


Particularly for work related to academic subjects, professors may have insights or personal connections which could help in your search.

Tip: When talking to professors about international internships, it is often more useful to ask whether they have any connections in a certain area or field, rather than asking about specific internship opportunities. People are more likely to have a colleague abroad who could potentially assist with arranging for a placement.

Friends, Parents, Relatives and their Friends

Make sure everyone you know is aware of your international intentions. Oftentimes personal connections can lead to choice positions.

U-M Alumni

The U-M Alumni Association lists alumni located abroad, who may be helpful for networking.