Airport Information

Due to heightened national security measures, information about air travel changes often. For the latest information on air travel regulations and restrictions, refer to the following resources:

When to Arrive at the Airport Check with your airline or travel agent to determine how early to arrive at the airport. Recommended check-in times differ by airline/airport and change during peak travel times.
Transportation to Detroit Metropolitan Airport The Central Student Government (CSG) airBus is a student-run, CSG-sponsored initiative to provide you with an inexpensive, convenient way to Detroit Metropolitan Airport during academic breaks.
Airport Parking Parking is available in the designated parking areas. Some parking areas may be restricted in compliance with enhanced security measures.

It is critical that your car remains attended if you are dropping off or picking up a passenger. Unattended vehicles are banned at terminals.

Documents and Identification Needed You will need government-issued (federal, state, or local) identification and a paper boarding pass to pass through an airport security checkpoint. Examples of government-issued identification include a driver's license or passport.
Checking in for your flight Check with your airline to find out what process you will need to follow to check in for your flight.
Holiday packages
  • Due to heightened airport security measures and the random and thorough nature of security searches, do not bring wrapped packages on-board the aircraft.
  • Pack your unwrapped gifts/packages with your checked luggage or ship your packages in advance of your departure.
  • Check with your airline for restrictions on carry-on and checked luggage.
What to expect at the Security Checkpoint Refer to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Transportation Safety Authority Passenger Security Checkpoints
I-94 Students, Scholars, and Dependents entering the U.S. are given proof of legal non-immigrant status at the Port of Entry by a Customs and Border Protection Officer. For those entering at an airport, proof of status is a stamp and notation in the passport. The hand-written notation should indicate your status (F-1, J-1, F-2, J-2) and your duration of stay D/S. You should print a paper copy of your Most Recent I-94 to document your status at Those entering the U.S. at a land border will receive a small white I-94 card with the same notations. Prepare a copy of this I-94 card.