Taste of Home

Taste of Home

Do you have a delicious recipe that you would like to share with other international students, scholars, and families? You can participate in Taste of Home!

The governor’s “stay at home” order in response to COVID-19 has isolated the U-M community. However, we can still stay connected through cooking! Right now, our cooking needs to be more flexible than ever. We encourage everyone to cook with whatever ingredients you have at home and share the recipes so the U-M international community can cook alongside you.

You will submit this form, which will ask for your full name, the name of your dish, and for you to upload a PDF with your recipe and a photo/video of your dish.

The PDF recipe document should contain the following:

  • Name of the dish
  • Ingredients
  • Directions on how to cook the dish
  • Your information (name, country of origin, field of study/research)
  • Photo of dish OR video of how to make it
    • The video should be 2 minutes maximum
    • To add a video to the document, you can insert a still image of a video and link your video to the image (see John Smith example)

In order to create your PDF recipe document, first put the above information in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Document. Then, you can save that document as a PDF Document. Here are two examples:

After submitting your recipe, it will be automatically placed into this Google Folder. You are welcome to check the Google Folder at any time to see if new recipes have been added. You can cook the dish yourself and/or share the recipe with friends and family!

The International Center (IC) will share the recipes with the international community through our newsletter and social media. Submitting a recipe in the Google Folder gives the IC permission to share your dish with the international community.