Driver's License Written Test

Driver License

Important Information:

  • In order to take the written test, you must have attended the Mandatory Immigration Check-in (for Students, for Scholars).
  • You must be registered for and take the test at the session you’ve signed up for. Each session has limited spaces available, so please register for one session only to leave space for others. If you register multiple times, regardless of whether your registration is for different days and times, your registration will be removed from all the sessions you registered for and you will not be able to take the test. Registration information will be emailed to international students and scholars during the week of October 14th.
  • If you have a dependent and he/she wishes to take the test, you may register on his/her behalf. If you already registered yourself and are now unable to register for your dependent, just bring your dependent to the same session you registered for.
  • Check the website several days in advance of the test so you will have time to gather required documents.
Date Time Location
Fri, Oct 18 9am (must arrive no later than 11:00am) Ballroom, Michigan League (2nd floor)
1pm (must arrive no later than 2:30pm)

Representatives from the Michigan Secretary of State's Office will administer the written driver’s license test (in English only) for international students, scholars, and their dependents who are affiliated with U-M. You cannot apply for a Michigan State ID at this workshop.

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Michigan Secretary of State.