Changes, Furloughs, Transfers and Terminations

In general, a foreign national may only work for the employer who filed the immigration petition and only in the position for which it was filed. Therefore, any changes to a foreign national’s employment must be reported to FSIS so that a determination can be made whether an amended petition must be filed.

Foreign national will continue with your department, but there will be a change

The department should submit the Employment Change Notification Form.

Changes that must be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in appointment percentage, including short-term effort reductions
  • Changes in duties, including adding teaching duties
  • Changes in location
  • Changes in title
  • Decreases in compensation/benefits
  • Promotions

Foreign national temporarily loses employment authorization - Short-Term Furlough

Occasionally, an international employee may temporarily lose their employment authorization. With prior approval from FSIS and UHR, these employees may be placed on a short-term furlough, pursuant to section II.B of SPG 201.73. Each request for a short-term furlough due to a lack of employment eligibility will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Approval is not guaranteed and will depend on a variety of factors, including the anticipated gap in employment eligibility.

To request approval for a short-term furlough for an international employee, units should contact David Muusz at [email protected]

Foreign national will be transferring to another UM department

Foreign national is leaving the University of Michigan

FSIS will need to withdraw the currently approved petition with USCIS to ensure that our wage liability for the foreign national ends. When a foreign national leaves the department the Termination & Transfer Form should be submitted. As is indicated on the Transfer and Termination form, the employer (i.e. the department) is liable for the foreign national’s return airfare in some instances. This includes situations in which an appointment is not renewed but the immigration approval continues to be valid.