Foreign National

Welcome to the University of Michigan. Hopefully, you will find that the information on this page answers most of your questions. Please contact us, if you cannot find what you are looking for.

If you are interested in obtaining or renewing employment authorization for a position at the University of Michigan, please be sure to consult with your unit; all requests must be initiated by hiring departments. The process to obtain an employment-based visa can take a significant amount of time – 4-6 months for an H-1B petition is typical – and involves various offices on campus and several federal government agencies. Therefore, it is recommended that any employment-based immigration process is started as early as possible.

Please note that our office cannot provide legal advice. If you need legal advice on immigration-related matters, we may refer you to an immigration attorney outside of the University.


  • If you are contemplating making any changes to your employment, contact us.
  • Be sure to change your address with USCIS every time you move, within 10 days, by filing an AR-11.
  • Upcoming International Travel?  Whenever you travel internationally and re-enter the U.S., confirm your online I-94 record is correct) and send a pdf copy to for verification.