The International Center (IC) facilitates and promotes international education and intercultural learning by providing high quality services and programs for the University of Michigan's international students, scholars, staff and faculty, and all students interested in overseas internships, service opportunities, and study on non-U-M academic programs. By giving to the IC you are helping students from the U.S. and abroad gain knowledge and develop competencies to be successful in today's global economy and multicultural society. In essence, your gift supports the development of our students as global citizens.

Why Give to the International Center?

Annual Gifts are essential because funds raised through Annual Giving are used to help U.S. students cover the costs associated with their overseas learning experience, and to help international students experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.

Why does U-M need my support EVERY year?

While endowment funds are earmarked both in how they can be used and when, Annual Gifts are funds that the IC can use immediately to support student learning and development both on campus and abroad. Each academic year, the University faces unexpected challenges. Annual Gifts from donors like you are vital to ensure our ability to help students overcome financial obstacles and maintain the Michigan difference.

Giving Opportunities

Your gift to the IC may be designated for the Michigan International Internship and Service Program (MIISP), or the International Student Grant Fund (ISGF). MIISP assists U.S. students find and fund an internship or service program abroad, prepares them for the intercultural experience, and provides the opportunity for them to reflect upon the impact of the experience on their academic and career goals. ISFG is a source of funding used to support international students experiencing a temporary and unexpected financial need due to unforeseen circumstances such as an illness, devaluation of home country currency, a natural disaster in the home country, etc.

How does U-M solicit for gifts?

Alumni and friends are contacted via mail, email, and Telefund, U-M's student telephone fundraising program. Michigan is a big place, so you may be contacted by the general Annual Giving office or by someone at a school, college, or unit on campus. As a whole, we strive to make giving to the University and allocating your gift to the area you wish as simple as possible. So when you are contacted remember you can support the International Center no matter who reaches out to you.

There are many ways you can give to the International Center.

  • Annual Giving- A fund that is put to use where most needed within a fiscal year.
  • Outright Gifts- Gifts of cash, securities or "gifts in kind" make an immediate impact. Gifts in kind include artwork, books and equipment that may be useful to the International Center.
  • Planned Giving- A giving strategy that allows you to make a meaningful charitable contribution while possibly enhancing you and your family's future financial well-being.
  • Bequests- One of the simplest ways to give, you can leave a gift from your estate within your will.

We would be happy to talk about any of these options with you.

Make Your Gift

We have provided information on how you can make your gift below. In addition, please feel free to call us anytime if you need assistance.

We're here for you!

We are passionate about connecting donors with Michigan. We welcome questions about Annual Giving and hearing from you about your reason for participating. If there's something specific you would like to support and you do not see it on our communications, please contact us. We'll help you get your donation to the right place.


To speak to us about giving opportunities please contact:


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Alicia Marting
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Pam Drake
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