A Message About Racism from the International Center

Racism in the United States runs deep, as it sadly does in many places across the globe. The recent, violent killing of George Floyd, among others, reminds us of the injustices faced by African Americans all too often. Individuals from Asian backgrounds experienced discrimination and bias recently as ignorant people reacted to the COVID-19 crisis. The pain and frustration experienced by anyone subjected to prejudice is, at its core, the same. While we cannot minimize the unique experiences of African Americans, we must invite everyone to use this moment for reflection and connection to a larger movement. We are heartened to see calls for equity and justice and solidarity transcending borders around the globe through peaceful protests*, hashtag takeovers, and important conversations. We can turn this tragedy into an opportunity to come together, to express our emotions, to support one another, and to continue to learn. U-M offers multiple ways to do just that and the IC encourages you to check out these resources in order to learn and grow, so that we can become a better global society.

* International students can, if they wish, participate in peaceful protests and demonstrations. This is not prohibited by immigration regulations or by other laws. However, if law enforcement officials are present, it is important to follow their instructions and to leave the area if they direct you to do so. Being arrested or charged with a legal offense can affect your immigration status.



Last updated: 6/5/2020 at 4:56PM.