Forms for J-1 Scholars

DS-2019 Request Form To Remove J-2 Dependents

This form is to be used by J-1 students or scholars who wish to remove their J-2 dependents from their DS-2019.

Exchange Visitor Information Form

The Exchange Visitor Information Form is for newly invited exchange visitors to provide information to their host departments. Do not submit this directly to the International Center; return it to your inviting academic department.

International Health Insurance Plan Change Form

This form is used to request changes to your existing U-M International Student/Scholar Health Insurance coverage, such as a change to the coverage end date, the addition of a dependent, etc.

International Health Insurance Plan Continuation Enrollment Form

This form is used by international students and scholars who would like to continue their U-M International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Plan coverage, but are no longer eligible for the plan because their status as a U-M F-1 student or J-1 student or scholar has ended. Use this form to request up to three months of continued coverage.

J-1 Continuing Program Out of Country

This form is used by J-1 scholars who will continue to pursue their J-1 program objective while they are outside the United States for more than 30 days but less than one year.

J-1 Scholar Notice of Early Departure

This form is used to notify the U-M International Center that you are leaving U-M or the U.S. earlier than the current end date on your DS-2019. The U-M International Center uses the information to adjust or end your SEVIS record.

Social Security Letter for J-1 Scholar

J-1 Scholars receive this signed Social Security letter at check-in. If you have not yet attended the mandatory check-in, please wait and do not download this letter now. If you have attended check-in and subsequently lost this letter, print this on-line letter and bring it to the International Center for a signature.  Please read Getting a Social Security Number and Card.

Travel Signature Request for J-1 Student/Scholar

This form is needed to request official DS-2019 authorization to reenter from a trip outside the U.S.