Concurrent Enrollment for F-1 Students

F-1 students are eligible for simultaneous enrollment with a combination of courses at U-M and another college or university, only if approved by the U-M International Center. Source: 8CFR:214.2[f][6][iv]

  • Students must be registered for at least one credit at U-M during all terms including the final term
  • Students who wish to be admitted, enroll, and go to classes full time at an institution other than U-M need to request a transfer to the new institution.

Eligibility Requirements

An F-1 student at U-M may apply to enroll concurrently at U-M and another SEVIS-approved school provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  • The combined credits for which the student is enrolled are the equivalent of a full course of study (i.e., undergraduates = 12 credits, graduates = 8 credits).
  • The student must be enrolled [taking classes] at U-M. U-M must issue and maintain the SEVIS I-20, handle all SEVIS reporting requirements, and ensure that the student is pursuing a full course of study.
  • The student has permission from an International Center advisor to concurrently enroll with U-M and another institution.
  • Course work at the other school may not be vocational and must be accepted as credits transferable to U-M. This must be confirmed by a letter from an academic advisor (not a departmental secretary or administrator) at U-M.
  • The U-M International Center will issue a new I-20 documenting the concurrent enrollment, based on evidence that the student's enrollment in both institutions is the equivalent of a full course of study (i.e., undergraduates = 12 credits, graduates = 8 credits).
  • The name of the other (concurrent) school where you are enrolled must be clearly recorded in the remarks section (page 1, item 9) of your I-20.

How to Apply for Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is approved one term at a time. This procedure must be followed for each term of concurrent enrollment.

  1. Gather the following documents:
    • Letter from your U-M department academic advisor, indicating that you have permission for this enrollment and that the credits earned at the other school will be counted toward your degree at U-M. The letter must also indicate the number of credits to be taken at each school.
    • Proof of registration in classes from the concurrent school, indicating that you are enrolled.
    • Copy of both pages of your latest I-20.
    • Copy of paper or print-out of electronic Form I-94.
    • Copy of your U-M unofficial transcript. You may download your unofficial transcript from Wolverine Access.
  2. Log in to the M-Passport portal, click on Requests > Concurrent Enrollment, and follow the instructions from there.
  3. The U-M International Center advisor will review your documents and provide an e-mail update regarding the adjudication decision. If approved, you will be issued a new I-20 with concurrent enrollment information included on page 1 in the remarks section. The new I-20 will be available for download on your M-Passport account in 7-10 business days.

NOTE: A student wishing to be a guest student at another institution for incidental courses while maintaining full-time enrollment or during the Spring/Summer term does not need to be issued an I-20 for concurrent enrollment.