Enrollment Requirements

  • During the academic year, international students in F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant status must either be enrolled full-time or receive permission from the U-M International Center for a reduced course load or a full-time exception.
  • The deadline for meeting the full-time registration requirement is the end of the U-M Drop/Add period.
  • If you are not registered full-time by the deadline, your SEVIS record will be terminated and you will lose your F-1/J-1 status. There is no grace period to remain in the U.S. following status termination.
  • For most students, the academic year is fall and winter terms, while the spring/summer is considered a vacation term.
    • If you are admitted to begin in spring/summer, you must enroll full-time in that term.
    • If your final term is spring/summer, you must enroll in that term.
  • During the academic year, in general, the minimum full-time enrollment for international students is as follows:
    Academic Level Minimum Total Credit Hours Required Minimum In-Person Credit Hours Required
    Undergraduate students 12 9
    Graduate students 8 5
    Graduate student assistants (GSIs or GSRAs) 6 3

Other points to note:

  • Pass/Fail classes count towards full time enrollment.
  • Courses that you visit or audit do not count towards full-time enrollment.

In Person Study Requirements

  • Students are required to physically attend classes.
  • Hybrid classes are considered the same as in person classes as long as you physically attend the class.
  • You must physically attend your in person and hybrid classes even if the professor allows you to attend classes remotely.

These are the minimum enrollment requirements that international students in F-1 or J-1 status must meet in order to maintain their SEVIS record in active status. If you need verification of your U-M enrollment for other purposes – one example is certain Canadian tax forms - the Office of the Registrar will verify full-time or part-time enrollment based on these requirements.

Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment Requirements

In some cases, international students may receive permission from the U-M International Center to drop below full-time enrollment.