U.S. Students

The International Center promotes intercultural and international education and is committed to fostering a global campus environment for both U.S. and international students through Education Abroad advising and programming, our Peace Corps Office, and the Intercultural Leadership Seminar and other cultural and social events organized by the Global Engagement and Education Abroad (GEEA) team. The Center brings global opportunities to U.S. and international students, both here on campus and abroad.

Our Education Abroad Office provides extensive advising services for U.S. and international students interested in traveling, working, or studying abroad during and after their academic careers at U-M. It also offers travel workshops and information sessions on how to find, fund, and prepare for study abroad or internship overseas. International Career Pathways connects students with educators and employers to explore pathways to international careers through opportunities for significant experiences abroad.

The Peace Corps Office in the International Center provides expert advising services by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) for U-M students and community members interested in applying for the Peace Corps. The office offers many information sessions, RPCV events, cultural events, volunteer opportunities and more.  

Our GEEA team offers the Intercultural Leadership Seminar (ILS) twice a year. ILS is designed for both U.S. and international students interested in exploring leadership practices and intercultural communication as well as enhancing intercultural competency skills. Many U.S. students find this seminar helpful in their preparation to either go overseas or enter a new community to do an internship or research project. The GEEA team also coordinates many other cultural and social events to facilitate active engagement between U.S. and international students.

Both U.S. students and international students can also get involved at the International Center by joining the International Center Student Council (ICSC). The ICSC provides globally minded students with a forum to identify and examine issues affecting students, and serves as a direct link between U-M students and the International Center.