Tax Form Deadline Information for F-1 and J-1 Students and Scholars

Nonresidents for tax purposes have two deadlines, April 18 and June 15, depending on their circumstances.  Review the deadlines section of Non-Residents for Tax Purposes to see which deadline applies to you.  Tax residents have only one deadline, April 18, 2017.  If you will not be able to mail (or, for tax residents, e-file) your tax form by your deadline, you can extend your deadline to file your form, but you must still pay any taxes you owe by the deadline. 

EXTENSIONS: If April 18th is your deadline and you cannot finish in time to mail your tax form by April 18th, you can mail a form to extend your deadline. This is an extension of time to mail your form, not an extension of time to pay. See Requesting an Extension of Time to File for more information and links to extension forms.

TAX RESIDENCY:  If you are not sure whether you are a tax resident or nonresident, read Residency and Non-Residency for Tax Purposes

TAX TREATIES: Remember that even if some or all of your U.S. income is exempt from taxes because of a tax treaty, you are still required to report that income on a tax return form.  Read the deadlines section of Non-Residents for Tax Purposes for information about the forms that are required for different kinds and amounts of income.